“Working with Karl was a pleasure from start to finish.  His talent is not up for discussion, just look at his portfolio to see that.  What is as important when you are dealing with someone half a world away is that you are able to feel that you have build a meaningful relationship with them, and Karl allows you to do that.  He is a consummate professional, asking smart questions about content and offering ideas to enhance your own, original concept.  He is a clear and consistent communicator, understanding the need for the patron to have updates on a project, even if those updates are no more complex than “Don’t worry, I’m still working on it!”  He supplies regular examples of what he is doing and is happy to receive notes on those.

All in all it has been a wonderful experience working with Karl and as well as having found a talented artist and cartographer we at Nine Dragons would like to think we have also found a new friend.”

Dom Parry, Owner and Head of Design, Nine Dragons RPG Ltd

“Karl did an amazing job and exceeded my expectations, providing me with an excellent product on schedule.  I asked for an unconventional map, and Karl was both up for the challenge and willing to work with me to help develop my ideas into an excellent and functional map which was a key part of my product.  Karl kept me closely involved with the map development and was very responsive to emails.  I highly recommend him and would commission him again without hesitation.”

Dale Elvy, Director, Imaginary Empire Limited”

“Karl Vesterberg is an incredibly talented individual, and one I would recommend to anybody who is interested in receiving a clean, professional looking map. He regularly updates his clients on his progress, takes their suggestions into considerations, and works very quickly to ensure client satisfaction. Without a doubt, Karl has some of the best customer service skills I have witnessed, and the finished product has left me incredibly happy.”

– Author, Charles White

“Working with Karl has been wonderful. My project had some uniquely challenging aspects that were difficult for me to articulate, and he made it all work out beautifully. His prices are fair and his talent is obvious. He’s great at communicating clearly at every step of a project too. I feel like his map brings that little extra something to my book.”

Author, Austin J. Bailey

“Karl is a wonderful artist to work with, he was attentive to what i was looking for and able to create a wonderful piece. He kept me updated the entire way through the process and was kind and courteous. The end result was very much worthwhile and i will be commissioning him again!”

Stephen Sweeney

“Collaborating with Karl Vesterberg have been very simple. He communicates well, and shows a genuine interested in achieving the result the client wants.  He is through in all details in the agreement, so both parties will feel safe. I am very happy with the final product, and recommend Karl for all those that wants a map with a real soul, that isn’t just copy-and-paste.”

Anders Zahl Pedersen